Paula, the founder of Pantolin Fine Jewellery,  was brought up in a Swedish family with a grandmother who was a couture designer and textile artist and a mother who has devoted her passion for painting. She used to sit on the floor in her mothers studio with her sketchbook drawing in deep concentration while her mother was painting. She knew early on that art was the way of living for her.

After many years of study, a Bachelor degree in Art and a Master degree in Fine Art she decided to run her own business. Pantolin Fine Jewellery established in 2006, and the profile is exclusive commissions and jewellery collections with high quality in every little detail. As a birthday gift for the ten year anniversary in 2016 she launched La Maison Bagatelle which is the affordable and playful luxury bijoux brand in the Pantolin design house.


Proud legacy

Many women of Paulas family have been educated artists, and that is a legacy to be proud of. The legacy of creating art, and to believe in it. It was never about choosing a profession, working creatively was in her blood and grandmothers drawing case is with her everywhere. Just in case.

Ethic consciousness

It is important for our company to continuously work with good ethics. We only collaborate with suppliers that agrees on good working conditions.  We accept no child labour and require good equipment in the workshops.


We care about Mother Earth, and we try to use as much recycled metal as possible in our jewellery. We melt down old jewellery, and create a new unique pieces of art. We keep on developing this and the aim is to reach 100% recycled metal. We continously control our metals in laboratory so that the alloys we use are safe for everyday use and does not contain led, nickel or cadmium (heavy metals).


We take responsibility when we carefully select our precious stones and metals from sourced mines.