Gold and silver bracelets


The irregular waves of sand touched by the water and the meditative feeling when my fingers goes through the sand.

Bold silver jewellery and black partydress


This collection is characterised by its unique handcrafted textured surface resembling ostrich skin.

Gold earrings and a black jacket


The noble yet bold expression of this collection appeals to me since I love the contrasts of life. This monogram is like a decoration as well as the recognisable Pantolin monogram

Gold and precious stones


Who can’t say that the midnight starry sky inspires you to greater thoughts and ideas?

Layered gold necklaces


The rhythmic linear patterns of ancient Islamic art have always fascinated me and I made my own interpretation.

Silver earrings and a black dress


A warm, gentle breeze from the west. 

Pearl earrings and a black suit

Planet Nine

The name comes from the previously undiscovered planet in our solar system. The arabesque cut-out pattern also takes a part in this collection.

Silver jewellery

Cross Chains

The classic Pantolin link was built from small rings soldered together in my workshop. I wanted to create my own link that could attract both men and women of all ages.

Great Combinations

 Check out how we combine our jewellery to bring you some high-octane glamour to your look. .