Isabella Löwengrips Planet Nine baroque earrings in silver seen in the blog: 

Femina Earrings

The Planet Nine earrings in Femina issue 9, Aug -19

Nielsen wears Pantolin. Earrings. Designed Swedish Fine jewellery by Paula Pantolin

Sanna Nielsen wearing the PP monograms in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon

The Ostrich hoops in Damernas Värld issue 8/19

The Crosschain necklace in Institute Magazine

The Crosschain bracelet in Institute Magazine

The Crosschain earrings in 18 k gold vermeil in PLAZA 6 2019

The Rainbow logo earrings in 18 k gold vermeil in KUNGLIGA MAGASINET 4 2019

The Sky ring in gold vermeil with freshwater pearls and the Crosschain bracelet in silver in FEMINA MAGAZINE  5 2019

Sky cuff & earrings made for Camilla Läckberg. Customised engraving: ” Well behaved women rarely make history”

Available in a limited edition of 10.

The Sky hoops worn by Peg Parnevik in PLAZA KVINNA  5 2019

The Ostrich bangle and stunning singer Veronica Maggio in PLAZA KVINNA  4 2019

Pantolin home and workspace in LEVA & BO issue 11 2019

The Rainbow earrings in PLAZA KVINNA issue 3 2019

The Sky ring on the cover and inside FEMINA MAGAZINE issue 4 2019

Interview with the founder of Pantolin Fine Jewellery and La Maison bagatelle in DAGENS INDUSTRI, DI WEEKEND @dagensindustri 2019

in the studio working

my tools and


“ELLE GALAN”, Ellen Bergström 2019.

Wearing: The Cross chain necklace, big cross 60 cm, the Cross chain earrings, all in gold vermeil .

TV4  “SÅ MYCKET BÄTTRE” Singer  Linnea Henriksson  2018:


Wearing: The Cross chain necklace, small cross 108 cm, the Cross chain necklace big cross 60 cm, the Cross chain bracelet.

TV4 “TALANG”, Member of the jury Bianca Ingrosso 2019

Wearing:  The Ostrich ring, The Sky ring and the Arabesque ring.

TV4 , “HELLENIUS HÖRNA”, singer Sanna Nielsen 2018

Wearing: The Ostrich bangle in silver

The Ostrich bangle in ELLE MAGAZINE 2019