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Welcome to our world of raw sophistication.

Pantolin Fine Jewellery, est 2006.

Fine jewellery with a twist of fashion in precious metals and stones in a responsible sourced ethic production. Get noticed!

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Explore our range of fine jewellery – Arabesque, Planet Nine, Ostrich, Cross Chains, Sky, Fish Scale, Lockets and Monogram.

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About Pantolin Fine Jewellery

 “I´ve always had the dream of creating something beautiful that lasts for a long time. The high quality of our craft, the ethic consciousness in the production and the selection of the very best sourceable precious stones makes our fine jewellery a sustainable luxury. With inspiration from art, ancient Japanese woodcarvings, vintage couture, patterns from all over the world, the koi fish, the ostrich and textures in nature. Anything beautiful that catches my attention.”

Paula Pantolin